What are Plantation Shutters?

Jan 02 2018

What are Plantation Shutters?

Different types of shutters: What are Plantation Shutters?

When shopping for shutters you have many design options.  One of the most popular choices is plantation shutters.  They are a true classic when it comes to window treatments.  Read on to find out what plantation shutters are and how custom shutters can enhance your home.

Plantation shutters are usually made of wood or composite louvers mounted in a solid frame. They can be opened or closed by a tilt rod in the back or the middle of the shutter. They are versatile and highly desirable in high-end home decor.


Today’s plantation shutters come in many different styles and louver sizes.  What size louver you choose is really a personal decision. The 3 1/2 inch louver is a great option if you have huge rooms with soaring ceilings.  A more traditional look and a great choice for average size rooms with normal ceiling heights is the 2 1/2 inch louver.


When shopping for plantation shutters, there are important features to look for. Because your shutters will be custom fit and made to order, you have options.  A double-hung plantation shutter allows for light control on the top and bottom separately.  Also, divider rails can be placed in the middle or even off center if you desire.  Bi-fold openings and full door coverings can be accommodated as well.

Custom Fit

A custom fit is the most important part of having fantastic looking plantation shutters.  Your windows will be custom measured and the plantation shutters will be made to fit perfectly as opposed to trying to retrofit a big box store item.


If you are looking for an extra bit of privacy or design element, a valance or drapery can be easily installed over the plantation shutters.  Adding another layer of window treatments will make your plantation shutters pop and give you a large variety of light options and energy efficiencies.

Plantation shutters are a wonderful enhancement to any window or door.  Be sure to contact the professionals at Shutters Plus today to get started on your custom plantation shutters.

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