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Window coverings are much like adding lace or buttons to a dress. They flatter and finish it. At Shutters Plus, based in Clearwater, Florida, we flatter and finish your house with our window coverings, focusing on handsome, well-made, and long-lasting shutters. We offer 3 types of shutters—Wood, Vinyl-clad  and Poly.

Shutters Plus provides other products that complement your home,shutter blinds and shades. All of our products come with warranty coverage.

About Shutters Plus

Our family-owned-and-operated business sells and installs shutters. We do the work ourselves—from selection to measuring to installation.

  • Comstock Shutters – for the Beauty of Real Wood
  • Shutter Smart Shutters – Vinyl-Clad Wood Shutters
  • Blinds Shades and Verticals

Our Services

We pride ourselves on the quality of our shutters and the ease of installation.
Wide Selection

Define the look of your home by adding on premium-quality shutters. We specialize in 3 types of shutters; wood, vinyl, and polyurethane shutters. Let us help define your home with our shutter, blinds, and shades.

Family Owned

We are a family owned and operated business in Clearwater, Florida for over 35 years. We ensure quality and perform all the work ourselves.

A Letter from Our Owner

Shutters can be pretty complex!

You need a knowledgeable salesperson, a re-measure technician, a quality manufacturer, and an expert installer. And, if they are not all experienced professionals, how can you be sure they will accomplish what you want? Well, that’s where we come in. We’re Shutters Plus.


We’ve been in the shutter business for over 35 years, and we would like to use our knowledge and expertise to help you avoid the aggravation, expense, and delays that all too often accompany a shutter installation.


Our expertise allows us to handle your shutter needs from sales presentation through installation. That means control! It also means quality, service, and economy. When you choose Shutters Plus, we design the product, measure the windows, secure the product, and complete the installation.


The manufacturers we work with are the best in the business. They deliver quality products on time, every time, guaranteed.


If you are considering shutters, it makes a lot of sense to call us, because we put it all together.


Doug Fresh, President, Shutters Plus


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