Shutter Smart

Vinyl-Clad Wood Shutters
Elegant Shutters that are built to last and cost you less.

Choose shutters to beautify your home that possess all the benefits of vinyl and wood.
Select vinyl-clad wood shutters from Shutters Plus, based in Clearwater, Florida.

The Only Patented Vinyl-Clad Wood Shutter

It’s easy to choose the right shutter with the advice of our experts. ShutterSmart Shutters are built with a wood core that’s clad in a vinyl skin, giving solid construction while eliminating the aging effects of wood.


The combination delivers unmatched quality and durability. Superior through its patented design, ShutterSmart truly is the smart choice in window coverings.

Why Choose ShutterSmart over Wood?
  • Hard Shell Won’t Easily Scratch or Dent
  • Moisture & Fire Retardant
  • UV-Stabilized
  • Easy to Clean
  • Twist-Lock Tilt-Rod Hooks Won’t Pull Out of Louvers (Unlike Staples)
  • No Warping, Cracking, Splitting, or Chipping
  • Withstands any Surface Fading or Peeling from the Sun
  • Practically Maintenance-Free
  • Outlasts Wood
Why Choose ShutterSmart over Drapes, Blinds, or Shades?
  • Upgrades the Look of Your Home
  • Adds Timeless Beauty & Elegance
  • Easier to Clean & Maintain
  • Complements Any Style
  • Superb Light & Visibility Control
  • Durable Enough to Last as Long as Your Home
  • Best Window Insulator Available
  • Adds Value to Your Home
Why Choose ShutterSmart over Vinyl Shutters?
  • Classic Look of Wood
  • Sturdy Wood Construction
  • Superior Satin Finish
  • Twist-Lock Tilt-Rod Hooks Won’t Pull out of Louvers
  • Durable Light Block Overlap Design

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